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Chief pilot, John Carpenter, capturing a crane lift at a customer site

In 2017, John Carpenter began talking with businesses about their needs for photography and videography. A common theme emerged in these conversations:

  • well-known videographers were often too expensive for small businesses
  • cheaper drone photographers and videographers were inexperienced and often produced poor quality and weren’t reliable

We wanted to change this and Raven Visual Solutions was born.

Drone-focused But NOT Drone-limited

We take great pride in running a professional drone services business. We keep current FAA certifications and maintain drone-specific liability insurance to give our customers peace of mind. However, we know that you need a partner — someone who provides solutions that meet your needs.

For this reason, we are in continuous improvement mode. We rotate in new equipment and gain new knowledge and experience, constantly. We make sure our drone service is top-shelf, but we invest in other areas like ground-based videography, mapping, 3D modeling, and more. But, we invest strategically and carefully to keep our overheads low.